Come Experience The World's Greatest 
Off-Road Wrecker Games!

About the Event:

  • Dates: Thursday, March 9th - Saturday, March 11th, 2023
  • Main Attraction: Watch 5 off-road recovery experts compete against each other for the coveted title of World's Greatest Off-Road Wrecker!
  • Other Stuff Going On: Vehicle Sprints, Dead Pulling, Off-Road Trail Racing, Expo, Free Side-By-Side Rides, and MORR!
  • Supports UPLA: A portion of sales will go to Utah Public Lands Alliance. We can all help public lands stay open so we can keep playing outside!

3-Day Break Down:


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Meet The Athletes 
Their Wrecker Rigs 

Matt - MORR

People call him Sam, and he has no idea why he's even in this event. Probably coming in last place.

Rory - Trail Mater

I've heard people say, "He'll probably do this whole thing backwards and still win."

Paul - Fab Rats

Paul is no stranger to the off-road world. He's been wheelin' since his feet could reach the pedals.

Eric - BSF

 Eric has been an off-road gearhead as long as he can remember. He's the original YouTube off road King.

Merlin's Old School Garage

I'm bringing the only diesel to this gasoline fight. There's a zero percent chance I'll run out of gas. That's something Matt can't ever claim.

Get ready for this EPIC 1st Ever Wrecker Games from Matt’s Off-Road Recovery!

Attendee Ticket Perks Include:

-Free Entrance into Sand Hollow State Park, Value: $60
-Access to all Wrecker Competitions
-Free Mad Moose shuttles around the event site, Value $349 
-Free Off-Road Wrecker Games T-shirt, Value $29.99
-Free Limited Edition Wrecker Games Decal, Value $5.99
-Children 11 and under free with paying adult
-Chance to enter prize drawings up to $30,000 in **Giveaways!
-Special Discount Offer: Guided trail rides and side-by-side rentals from Mad Moose Rentals

Win A Free 2020 Can-Am Maverick X3

See How To Win The Original Door From the Banana at Robby's Channel

Special Discount Offer: Use Discount Code "MORR" at check out
Guided trail rides and side-by-side rentals

Event Information

- Wednesday, March 8th Event Registration @ 3:00pm - 8:00pm: Location- 4400w and Sand Hollow Road.
    * Sand Hollow State Park Entry Pass
    * Submit Waiver
    * Pick Up Your Swag
    * Grab Your Attendee Pass

- Thursday, March 9th Day 1 Events:
    * 7:00am - Registration and Park Opens
    * 10:00am - Opening Ceremonies at the Event Center
    * 10:30am - The Games Begin
    * 4:00pm-8:00pm - Vendor Show and Meet & Greet

- Friday, March 10th Day 2 Events:
    * 7:00am - Registration and Park Opens
    * 10:00am - Trail Climb Racing Begins
    * 4:00pm-8:00pm - Vendor Show and Meet & Greet

- Saturday, March 11th Day 3 Events:
    * 7:00am - Registration and Park Opens
    * 10:00am - Triple 7 Trail Clean Up
    * 12:00pm - Vendor Show, Meet & Greet, Off Road Rentals!
    * 6:00pm - Closing Ceremonies Plus Giveaways

*Explore Sand Hollow:
Mad Moose and Red Rock Humvee Tours will be offering discounted rates.*
- Directions To Registration: From SR 9 State Street in Hurricane, head South on Sand Hollow Rd. Roughly 1 mile down Sand Hollow Road turn Right onto 4400 West. You'll see signs on The Right hand side for registration. 
Address: Sand Hollow Rd & S 4400 W, Hurricane, UT 84737

- Directions To Sand Hollow State Park: From SR 9 State Street in Hurricane, head South on Sand Hollow Rd. Roughly 4 miles down the road you'll turn Right on Sand Hollow Main Gate Entrance. Proceed to the South end of the park.
Address: 3351 Sand Hollow Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737 

- Parking - All 3 days you can park inside Sand Hollow State Park. 

- Directions To Day 2 Off-Road Parking: From Sand Hollow State Park, head south on Sand Hollow Road. Turn Left onto SR-7. Take exit 3200 West and follow signs for Off-Road Parking. *Note: If you do not have an off road vehicle. Please park at Sand Hollow State Park and use the shuttle service.

- Directions To Day 2 Regular Car Parking: You can park at the designated Parking section on Sand Hollow Road, just south of the SR-7 underpass or park in Sand Hollow State Park. Red Rock Humvee Tours will be providing rides.

Get Through The Registration Line Faster By Pre-Registering Today!


Day 1

Matt - MORR

  • Welding: Judges Points: 261, Safety Level: Dangerous, Miller Welding Strength: 2943
  • Dead Pull: Judges Points: 214.125
  • Flex Off: Judges Points: 58 RTI: 665
  • Dyno: DQ - Too Big
  • Rollover: 156

Rory - Trail Mater

  • Welding: Judges Points: 244, Safety Level: Good, Miller Welding Strength: 2874
  • Dead Pull: Judges Points: 255
  • Flex Off: Judges Points: 78 RTI: 620
  • Dyno: 122HP
  • Rollover: 189

Paul - Fab Rats

  • Welding: Judges Points: 221, Safety Level: Good, Miller Welding Strength: 2555
  • Dead Pull: Judges Points: 291
  • Flex Off: Judges Points: 81 RTI:  793
  • Dyno: 200HP
  • Rollover: 201

Eric - BSF

  • Welding: Judges Points: 288, Safety Level: Good, Miller Welding Strength: 3687
  • Dead Pull: Judges Points: 209
  • Flex Off: Judges Points: 72 RTI: 1307
  • Dyno: 178HP
  • Rollover: 161

Merlin's Old School Garage

  • Welding: Judges Points: 224, Safety Level: Good, Miller Welding Strength: 2461
  • Dead Pull: Judges Points: 350 (Perfect Score)
  • Flex Off: Judges Points: 53 RTI:  793
  • Dyno: 1650HP
  • Rollover: 149

Superficial Stats

Wrecker Beauty Contest: 1. Morr 2. Merlin 3. Fab Rats 4. Trail Mater 5. BSF
Most Handsome Driver: 1. BSF 2. Merlin 3. Fab Rats 4. Tail Mater 5. Morr
Best Isuzu Paint Job: 1. Tail Mater 2. Morr 3. Merlin 4. BSF 5. Fab Rats 

Day 2 - Results Will Be Given At Closing Ceremonies
Saturday, March 11th @ 6:00pm MST

Meet The Judges

Robby Layton

I like cars. I have a couple of them, and I'd like to have more someday. I have no idea why I'm a judge ... I'm NOT qualified for this position!

Alan - Yankum

Alan grew up in a tiny town called Rupert in southern Idaho with nothing better to do than play outside.

Rudy Wetzel

Rudy can tell when a maple tree is ready to be tapped for its maple syrup, and he's basically bilingual in Canadian
and American.

Bleepin' Matt

Everyone knows the prestige that tow truck drivers bring to the automotive industry. From a bandit scam to the repo man, I've always been a huge fan!

Bleepin' Colt

"BleepinColt" Clewley was born in the 1900's. There's a "small" chance one of my ancestors invented the tow truck.


Georges is a card carrying Electric Mafia member, Diet Dr. Pepper drinkin', red pants wearin', race car watchin', hair-caring big shot!

Connor & Brad Barnes 4WD

Connor is busy chasing his oil leaks, while Brad rolls every vehicle he's ever owned.

Casey Ladelle

When it comes to being a professional and fair judge, whether or not a person has any bias is VERY important. I'll be a great judge because I have a LOT of bias!


"It's not in my nature to be mysterious, but I can't talk about it and I can't tell you why."

Chad Fab

My Judge qualifications are:
- I can say "tow truck"
- I have a pulse ... occasionally a strong one! 
- I can point and laugh

LT Lawrence

I like trucks. I build 'em, race 'em, break 'em, I specialize in things that don't make sense. The Wrecker Games don't make sense... I LIKE IT!

Scott Stapley

As a long-time competitor of Paul and Matt in the derby arena, I have a score to settle, and the place is here and the time is now! 


Don’t let her being from the sweet town of St. George fool ya! Her tough Boston roots run deep and her years of judging the International World Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Championships have primed and refined her tough judging abilities for this event!

Off Road Wrecker Games Held at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah

3351 Sand Hollow Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737

  • OHV PARADISE! Access 16,000 Acres on Sand Mountain trails, buttes, & canyons!
  • YEAR-ROUND OUTDOOR RECREATION: Water sports, camping, golfing, and of course, ATVing!
  • NEARBY OPTIONS: Very off-road friendly city of Hurricane with lodging and restaurants; Quail Creek State Park just across the highway; and the city of St. George with even more options for eating and staying. Trails GALORE!
  • ​Looking for a Hotel or RV Parking? Here are options or get a special discount at Sand Hollow Resort. Go to promo code ADV23 for 10% off, 2 night minimum stay.


  • How many children under 11 can come with a paying adult? Up to 4 children per paying adult.
  • ​Will camping and hotels be provided? No, but there are many BLM and other campsites close to Sand Hollow. There are also many hotel options as well.
  • ​Can I bring my own vehicle and park along the trail events? In designated areas only
  • ​How can I win the Can-Am or other giveaways? You must be present to win. 
  • ​Where are places to eat or stay? Check our Restaurants, Hotels, & RV Parking Options
  • ​I'm part of a company and would like to help sponsor? Become a Sponsor
  • ​How can I help out with the event? Become a Volunteer